Try something different ! Join the Metro Mastermind Alliance

We offer an alternative; the best business networking within an electrifying event.

Why Join?

The Metro Mastermind Alliance is a modern think tank and a positive people’s network that is destined to create a new vision of wealth for the Metro Detroit Region. Our philosophy is based Napoleon Hill’s book; Think and Grow Rich and its time tested 13 Principles of Success.

The Metro Mastermind Alliance orchestrates employment leads, business start ups, new relationships, and facilitates contact activities. Our alliance is comprised of business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and serious people of action. We are a talented assembly of men and women that are absolutely committed to helping each other succeed.

The Metro Mastermind Alliance communicates through an interactive website, and newsletter. We sponsor large “face to face” social networking events that are fun, informative, and entertaining. At these events you are bound to make contacts that will change your life.

Our Team


James is driven by seeing the metro Detroit area thrive through cooperation and community!

James Jelnicki

Executive Director

Sara Mettle

Sales Manager